Volvo Car Ghent 25 years of service celebration - We Make You Happy

Volvo Car Ghent 25 years of service celebration - We Make You Happy

The Swedish car fabricator Volvo Cars opened a factory in 1965 in Ghent, a central position within Europe with the harbor as asset. As of right now the factory has has already been around for more than 50 years. Workers that have been in service for 25 years or more are getting rewarded for it every year. This year a beautiful event was organised for over 300 employees with 25 years of service. They were extensively celebrated and congratulated for their loyalty and hard work. 


We Make You Happy, our eventpartner, used the beautiful setting of the Ghent football Stadium to organize a truly unique party. The full audiovisual framework was provided by Play AV with for example a P6 ledwall, a 5,5x3m, a sound system and the necessary rigging. 

Stefan Fesser, CEO of Volvo Car Ghent, gave a speech at the sideline of the KAA Gent playing field for his employees. Jan Matthys then took interviews with employees from the crowd, which was alternated with previously recorded clips. The day was closed festively with a performance and a dinner at the third floor of the beautiful stadium.  

A memorable day for all involved employees of Volvo Car Ghent. Read their full story through the following link: