videoconference room

For over a year now, we have been working from home en masse. Online meetings became the average way of meeting. But our e-meetings bring more and more frequent annoyances. For example, there is always an invisible or audible attendee, or the enthusiasm in the meeting room causes inaudibility at the other end of the line. An audiovisual integration offers a solution for these small, everyday irritations.


Cupfinal big screen

This summer, sharing a passion is finally allowed again. Carefully squares will be filled by passionate supporters and LED screens to follow sporting events. In this blog you will find more about the rules and regulations!

led wall

More and more companies are investing in LED technology. The well known pandemic has really accelerated the digitization and technologies. For companies, market visibility and branding have become extremely important. A Samsung LED wall is the perfect answer. But what exactly is a LED wall and what are its advantages? 

Virtuele meetings en events

Efficient online meetings, receiving clients virtually, setting up a stylish digital event... These days, it's an activity for just about every company. By now, everyone can connect online, but the way in which you do, can make a difference as company. But how do you get the most out of your virtual meetings and events? And why is this so important?

CEO Dirk Verhellen

The story of entrepreneur Dirk Verhellen, who became successful through trial and error and is happy to give you some important life lessons.