After a period of reconstruction of the former Augustinian convent of the Military Hospital, led by the legendary Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, it has been possible since April to book a room in Hotel August.

The beautifully renovated building has no less than 44 unique rooms and suites, a bar & restaurant led by chef Nick Bril (The Jane), a wellness, three walled gardens, one of which has a swimming pond, a shop with food & non-food, a coffee corner, a takeaway food corner, a detachable garden pavilion and 3 meeting rooms.

"The real showpiece, however, remains the bar that was made in the old chapel. The chapel is equipped with new clear stained glass that provides a lot of natural light."

So August Antwerp is much more than a 'normal' hotel. This is certainly due to the style that was used. The architect has preserved as much of the architectural history of the building as possible, but all modern utilities are still present. Moreover, everything from furniture to crockery is custom made and designed.


Play AV has provided the complete audio installation in the various rooms of the hotel: the garden, library, meeting rooms, the chapel/bar, the restaurant, the wellness, shopping area,...The complexity of the audio installation was the fact that the control and amplification must be done from one central rack.

  • Bose FreeSpace DS16F
  • Bose FreeSpace DS16E
  • Bose FreeSpace DS40F
  • Bose FreeSpace 3S Satellite
  • Bose FreeSpace DS100SE

Meetings and Events

Besides the unique location and excellent service to stay at Hotel August, you can also go there for meetings and events.
The hotel offers three meeting rooms, a private lounge and a pavilion in one of the gardens. In addition, they make every effort to organise the event according to your needs and expectations.