The Cortina Group is an international player in the fashion and footwear industry, based in the East Flemish Oudenaarde. Every year, this family business designs, produces and distributes a large collection of more than 2000 different models, for both children and adults.

Since the Cortina Group considers innovation to be of paramount importance, considerable investments are made each year in new applications. This year it was the turn of the Oudenaarde office: all showrooms were given a new look, several departments were united in one large open office environment to promote the cooperation and the reception and reception area also received a real upgrade. In addition to fresh colors and lighter materials, the focus was mainly on more product experience and digitization.

To give the visitors a good impression of the activities of the company from the reception, the Cortina Group was looking for a video wall that should not only be impressive, but also extremely simple to manage. After consulting various parties, it was decided to work with Play AV to realize this project. Play AV brought Cortina Group into contact with digital signage solution partner Zebrix for the control and was responsible for the installation of the screens. We opted for an arrangement of 2 x 3 Samsung 55 "displays with a small bezel, to bring the product to the fore as well as possible.

About the Cortina Group

The Cortina Group offers their collection directly to the largest shoe retailers worldwide, who can go to the various showrooms in Belgium, China and the United States. The Cortina Group has more than 60 years of experience in the shoe business and focuses mainly on 3 major pillars: fashion, licenses and brands. Under the brand SPROX they bring a fashion-inspired collection to the market for the whole family, which is mainly for sale in Belgium at Brantano. Furthermore, they focus with Safety Jogger (safety shoes) and Oxypas (shoes for medical staff) on the 'professional footwear' market, where they seamlessly combine technicity and style. Finally, with Patrick they bring a collection of jerseys and shirts for team sports and they have an extensive portfolio of licenses - including Disney, Universal, Nickleodeon - making them one of the biggest players in the world in this market.