The future is seamless!

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The future is seamless!

More and more companies are investing in LED technology, we spontaneously think of one of our more recent projects at RainPharma. The company produces no-nonsense products for a radiant skin, healthy weight and strong body.

The well-known pandemic has caused a real acceleration in digitalization and technologies. For companies, market visibility and branding have become extremely important. A Samsung LED wall offers the perfect answer to this. But what exactly is a LED wall and what are its advantages?  

If you are not a specialist in the AV world, you often confuse a LED wall with an LCD video wall. Visually, however, the walls are clearly distinguishable from each other: a video wall consists of multiple LCD screens with a thin edge, which are mounted close to each other, while the LED wall is one homogeneous seamless screen consisting of multiple small LED modules. Both audiovisual solutions ensure that you are not limited in terms of display size, but why do you still prefer a LED wall over an LCD video wall?

With MicroLED, each pixel is formed by three tiny LED lights made of non-organic material. This results in longer life, sharper contrast and higher brightness. Unlike LCD, MicroLED does not require a color filter for light to shine through. This makes the technology particularly energy-efficient.

led wall vs. video wall



The advantages of a LED wall

Each pixel can turn itself on or off. Thus microLED displays show perfect black areas . Against that ultimate darkness is a (peak) brightness. That reaches about 2,000 nit today, but could go up to a staggering 10,000 nit in the future. For comparison, an 8K QLED display from Samsung has a standard brightness of 500 nit.

MicroLED panels can also be exceptionally thin and have no bezels (or screen edges), making them seamless. No matter what angle you view them from, the image remains razor sharp. In addition, each pixel can take on a completely different color than its neighbor. This creates exceptional color control. 

Of course, the choice of screen depends on the desired purpose. If you are looking for a true eye-catcher and do not want to be limited to 98", a Samsung LED wall is the solution of choice.

In addition, your choice of location should also be taken into account. If you are looking for a display for an outdoor location, then it is best to opt for an outdoor rated solution. This is because it is protected against all weather conditions and, unlike most displays, direct sunlight will not affect the image quality. 

Of course, you can also have your eye on an LED wall for indoor activities. Examples of this are meeting rooms, entrance halls, showrooms and many more... Due to its seamless canvas, excellent colors and high light output, a LED wall will provide the perfect picture in all circumstances.

Because of its limited installation depth you can also use free form factors such as a cube, a curved screen or other specific creative solutions. In short: microLED unfolds the ultimate HDR viewing experience , which provokes only one reaction: wow!

Would you also like to spread your message on a large seamless surface with high resolution? Contact us for more information at PLAY AV can provide you with a correct led integration in both the sales and rental world.

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