Get the most out of your virtual meetings and events

Virtuele meetings en events

Get the most out of your virtual meetings and events

Efficient online meetings, receiving clients virtually, setting up a stylish digital event... These days, it's an activity for just about every company. By now, everyone can connect online, but the way in which you do, can make a difference as company. But how do you get the most out of your virtual meetings and events? And why is this so important?

In 2020, everyone went virtual and by necessity working from home became the standard, colleagues, clients and partners were seen and heard mainly in online meetings, webinars were on the rise and even a lot of trade fairs and events went digital. This trend will continue for the present in 2021, and even when life returns to normal, the accelerated digital shift will leave its positive mark. Where in 2019 online meetings and events were still plan B, today it is the standard. Ofcourse, this requires the necessary professionalism as well as the necessary investment in professional audio-visual support.

So will office life never return? It certainly will. A study by our loyal partner Barco among 1,750 office workers from seven different countries has just shown that some employees are dying to move back into the workplace and badly miss interaction with their colleagues. Hybrid work, in which work from home is combined with office work, therefore seems to be the future. The same study also shows that employees are demanding an efficient, secure, flexible and technology-driven hybrid work environment. After all, hybrid working is only viable, productive and enjoyable if you have the right tools at your disposal, both at home and in the office.

Virtuele meetings en events


One in four meetings is held with both personal and external attendees, and that number will only increase. The right equipment, from traditional conference telephony to high-end videoconferencing systems, and an equipped office, tailored to the company's needs, are then indispensable. The Barco study also shows that providing video meeting rooms and investing in better equipment for video conferencing is a priority for employees. In addition to standard meeting rooms, video meeting rooms are the most used spaces in the office.

With stylish audiovisual support, you leave an unforgettable impression on your physical and virtual visitors.

Are hybrid events the future?  

Our rental department also experienced a lot of changes in 2020, but switched fast. Our audiovisual experts developed virtual, tailor-made solutions for the customer right from the start. Project manager Tom predicts that events will reach a new dimension in today's 1.5-meter distance society.

Virtuele meetings en events

"Hybrid events are going to be hot! Physical audiences will be joined by an online presence. Virtual events have made their permanent appearance in the B2B sector. As a matter of fact, companies are also experiencing more and more advantages to an online alternative.  For example, virtual events carry lower costs, gain time due to minimal travel and do their bit for the environment due to lower CO2 emissions."

In the video below, find out how our Rental department anticipated the social distance measures and realized several studios.

Efficient and user-friendly

Efficiency and usability are high on the employee priority list. It is therefore expected that the integration of tools such as voice recognition technology, Instagram-style filters for video conferencing and even virtual reality where the 'absent person' nevertheless appears in person in the room are only a matter of time. These are all expectations that underscore the need for technological support. Technology has always been crucial to communication and collaboration, and its importance increased even more exponentially in 2020. Companies now face the difficult exercise of finding the right balance between physical and digital. Technology is becoming the most important ally in that story. Investments at this stage should be primarily aimed at making interactions easier and more authentic. And it is precisely in this area that you will find an expert.

The complete e-book about the Barco study can be found here on our website.

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