What are the measures for your sporting event?

LED- wall football

What are the measures for your sporting event?

The European Football Championship kicks off on June 11. Our national heroes kick off their first match on June 12 against Russia. Traditionally, this is accompanied by a spectacular national party: squares filled with passionate supporters and a mighty LED screen, to which the supporters are glued. But how will this celebration go during the summer? 

With the recently implemented relaxations, it is finally possible again to share the passion for soccer together. However, for event organizers who want to put up a big screen, some strict rules apply in these coronation times.
What are the rules and how should you place your LED screen? You'll read about it below.

First of all, it is important that you set up the rented LED screen in such a way that people from outside cannot follow along. The outdoor location may have a maximum of 400 supporters. In doing so, people from outside are also not allowed to see the screen, otherwise there will be more than 400 spectators.

This year, extra consideration must also be given to the furnishings of your venue, don't forget these. If drinks are served, supporters should be able to sit in groups of four, if not, they may stand upright in groups of four. Finally, there should be access control at the entrance.

Enthusiastic about the relaxations and full of impatience, we eagerly look forward to the European Championship and other events this summer. Thanks to the many rules, the design of squares and other venues will be a complex event. Would you like professional help for these events? Would you like to catch one of our last screens? Do not hesitate to take a look at our website, send us an email or contact us at the following number +32(0)9 381 86 40. Because your event is a moment not to be forgotten.

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Cupfinal big screen

This summer, sharing a passion is finally allowed again. Carefully squares will be filled by passionate supporters and LED screens to follow sporting events. In this blog you will find more about the rules and regulations!