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Not only the design of the site, but also the structure and content were given a thorough makeover. We still chose a modern design, full of information about all our services.
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December saw the presentation of ArcelorMittal Belgium's new Steelanol project. The steel giant aims to drastically reduce its carbon emissions with the new facility in Ghent.
Ghent University's new academic year got off to a spectacular start. According to annual tradition, the opening procession walked through the center towards the Aula, where the solemn opening session took place. Drone shots of the UGent campuses were integrated into the livestream and our cameraman Patrice followed the flying reporter during the whole event.

The Mercury Award has been the most prestigious award in commerce for more than 30 years.

Sweco is shaping the sustainable communities and cities of the future. Together with their clients and the collective knowledge of 18,500 engineers, designers and other specialists, we co-create solutions to tackle urbanization, to harness the power of digitalization and to make our society more sustainable. The company systematically invests in innovation regarding look & fel, AV equipment and IT.

Thank you for the great collaborations in 2022!

We have greatly enjoyed our collaborations over the past year and hope to continue this in the future projects of 2023. We would like to thank you and your team for these opportunities. We thank you for your trust, flexibility and enthusiasm.
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Recently, the opening of Renson's new production center in Nazareth took place. Besides this new production facility, they also invested in a brand new headquarters for their outdoor solutions from NOA Outdoor living.
When we think of Modular Lighting Instruments, we think of bold, high-end architectural lighting. Modular chose to replace their current VIDEO wall with a 130-inch Samsung LED wall. What added value does this solution offer? Why did the architectural lighting company switch from LCD technology to LED technology? You find out here.
Since 1986, Agristo has been bringing the authentic flavors of fries, croquettes and other potato products to the plate of anyone who chooses quality, taste and conviviality. The Belgian company specializes in the production of pre-fried and frozen fries. Talk about a delicious partnership. The company has had a new production site in Wielsbeke since 2017. In addition to their state of the art machinery, there is now also a new headquarters. This office exudes the importance of cooperation.
Every year in October, the famous Zoute Grand Prix week is organized in Knokke-Heist. The city then comes alive with numerous events concerning high-end cars, art and lifestyle.
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